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E. F. Ted Willams History Centre @ The Exploration Place


This database allows you to search the collections of the following four museums:

  • The Exploration Place Prince George
  • Valley Museum & Archives McBride
  • Mackenzie & District Museum Mackenzie
  • Valemount Museum & Archives Valemount

Enter your search term into the box. Instructions for searches and sub-searches are below. To begin a new search click on the "NEW SEARCH" button and it will clear the previous results"

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To search the database use plain everyday words. For example, if you enter the word "school" into the search box, hundreds of items including photographs, documents and artifacts will be displayed. You can then do a sub-search to narrow down the results, If you type the name of a school such as "Giscome" into the search box without resetting from the first search, the database will narrow the results to about 15 items on the school in Giscome.

Some items may have more than one common term in everyday use such as "dry cleaner" or "laundromat". Try searching for "cleaner" or "laundry". The Search function adds "wildcards" to both ends of the word. which automatically catches any variation or plural use. Extra results will appear that contain parts of your search term. For Example, if you enter cleaner, you will receive hits on vacuum cleaners and pipe cleaner.

Please feel free to contact us and please read our terms of use. Many of our prints are available for purchase. Anyone may search this database for items in these collections.